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Metrological qualification

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The main purpose of the metrological qualification is to determine the conformity of the metrological characteristics of measuring instruments to the requirements that are presented by the standards regulating their work

Metrological qualification of measuring instruments: It is the recognition of a measuring instrument (MI) as being legalized for use. With this purpose, an expert examination is conducted under the GOST, in which the metrological properties of the measuring instrument are thoroughly investigated

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List of services

Preparation of applications in the prescribed forms

Signing agreements with a state body

Development of the testing program in collaboration with the state body

Providing specimens for testing

Development of materials

Translation of documentation

Submission of application for the issuance of the certificate on the metrological qualification of the measuring instrument

Registration stages

According to the current rules of the Republic of Uzbekistan, metrological qualification includes the following:
  1. Expert examination of
    technical documentation

  2. Conducting experimental studies for
    the purpose of the metrological qualification

  3. Approving the materials

  4. Signing the certificate on
    the metrological qualification of the measuring instruments

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Questions and Answers

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